So I have been brewing since the summer of 2006. Its passed being a hobby, I love the time I spend brewing. In the last few years brewing has become part of what I am.

Now on top of my love of homebrewing, I am beginning my move into the professional brewing scene with an expanding local craft brewery.

Mostly this blog will be talking about my brew days, any experiments that I work on and the process of getting into the professional world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Harvest

Hops on the hip
Yay!  Time to do some picking.

The yard smells nice, the weather has been dry and comfortable, and now its time to pull down the harvest.  So with a plastic bag on my hip I climb the ladder and start picking.  Avoiding some nasty looking spiders and bees everywhere I started picking the cones.

Child Labor
Since production time isn't that big of a deal, I've picking instead of cutting down the vines.  I figure that is better for the plants to take advantage of the rest of the season with the vines up.  Of course I didn't do this all alone.  The little one was up  picking through the lower vines with me.

2011 Magnum Harvest
It didn't take us all to long to clear the vines, then we had to clan up what we had pick, getting rid of stems and leaves.  Now off to drying, and working on the recipe for them.  We're not planning on a 'wet hop' beer, these hops are not quite good for that, but we are planning on some new plants for next season.