So I have been brewing since the summer of 2006. Its passed being a hobby, I love the time I spend brewing. In the last few years brewing has become part of what I am.

Now on top of my love of homebrewing, I am beginning my move into the professional brewing scene with an expanding local craft brewery.

Mostly this blog will be talking about my brew days, any experiments that I work on and the process of getting into the professional world.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hops in the Night...

Transferring 1st Runnings
 Happy Halloween, and four inches of snow. 

Didn't quite have a lot of planning on this batch, was given the ingredients as an anniversary present, for me to brew and the wife to drink.  We've been drinking a few different Black IPA's recently and really have been liking them, a nice change of pace.  While I was writing this recipe I was aiming for something close to Stone Brewing's Sublimely Self Righteous, less roast more hop character.  We went with a lower mash temperature to dry it out and nice healthy citrus hop additions to give that "west coast" kick. 
It's a weird style of beer, well it's not quite a style even.  The subtle roasty flavors, not near the level of a stout, compliments a big hop character, with the body similar to a pale ale.  What's weird about the style lies in its name, IPA has stood for a long time for India Pale Ale, how can that be black.  The naming of the "style" has caused a few debates.  The best answer that I have read has been the IPA no longer represents its traditional name but has become a concept all its own.  IPA's can have a pretty wide range in colors, not necessarily pale, they won't make the trip to India(at least most won't), so how are they like their traditional roots.  When you look at the concept of the IPA as its own meaning; a generally dry, light to medium body, and fairly hop forward beer, why not make it black? 

Right now it's happily fermenting and smells much like a grapefruit grenade.